Sunday, June 8, 2014


Not that we need much convincing to eat this silky juicy fruit by the bagful, but lychees are very high in Vitamin C! Just 10-12 lychees provide 100% of the US Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C. Even if you don't consider the US RDA as sound nutritional advice, lychees are an exceptional little fruit. In addition to Vitamin C, lychees are rich in minerals - potassium, phosphorous, copper, to name a few.

Lychees are very sweet and juicy, but not intensely flavoured. So I like to eat them plain or with a few other fruits. I also like them in smoothies with complementary mild ingredients like mint, ginger, and cucumber. This smoothies is so light and refreshing, you'll want to make it often!

Lychee Cucumber Smoothie
makes: 20 oz.

- 2 cups lychee flesh (~20 lychees, skin and pits removed)
- 1 Persian cucumber, cut into chunks
- 7-10 mint leaves (from 2 sprigs)
- 1/2 in. piece of ginger (peeled if not organic)
- 1 cup water
  1. Put everything in a blender jar in this order: lychees, cucumber, ginger, mint leaves, water.
  2. Blend on High into a smoothie.
  3. Pour into a glass and enjoy! Or refrigerate for up to 12 hrs.

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